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23 - 27 March 2015

As an innovative and leading event on water in the Mediterranean, Malta Water Week is generating an amazing response with experts and professionals in the field. Our various collaborator and partners will all be present, along with Maltese, European and International businesses.

We are proud to have a number of experts and professionals who will be addressing our participants during the various events at Malta Water Week.


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Malta Water Week
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Ángel Martínez

GEEZAR Soluciones (Member of ZINNAE)

Area of expertise / experience:  Monitoring systems development
Title of Intervention: Water monitoring and control
GEEZAR, as university Spin-Off company, transferred R&D knowledge on sustainability evaluation and monitoring to the market in order to provide solutions on water real-time monitoring and control for irrigation systems, sewage systems and treatment plants managers in order to improve their awareness and decision capabilities. 


Ministry of Justice, Hungary

Area of expertise / experience:  international water law and policy
Title of Intervention: Challenges of capacity building and education in the water sector
Given the shrinking availability and declining quality of freshwater resources in most parts of the world, governance and capacity issues – i.e. how to use and allocate water and who will make and implement water policy decisions - will play a key role in reversing the global water crises. The lack of trained water professionals, from Ph.Ds. to pump operators, has become a key obstacle in many parts of the world in realizing the full potential of existing resources. In Africa the number of water professionals has to be raised by 300%, in South East Asia by 250% and 150% in Latin America. The intervention addresses these challenges and seeks to identify responses to the education gap.

Caslino Paolo

Area of Expertise- Experience: EU POLICIES
Title of Intervention: TBD
Paolo Casalino is 41 y.o. and he is the Director of the Bruxelles office of Regione Puglia since 2009. Paolo holds a degree in law and three masters in Public management, EU administrative law, Marketing and communication. He has been lecturer in training courses in Italy and the EU. He speaks English, French and has some basis of Spanish and Arabic. He has been working for 10 years for the Province of Lecce (Italy) in the EU policies sector and in the employment services. In 2009 he was appointed as Director of the Bruxelles office of Regione Puglia. He is an expert in EU lobbying, structural funds and EU projects.


Dipl. Ing. José-Luis Muñoz-Bonet

EIT Climate KIC 
Fundación Comunidad Valenciana Región Europea -

Area of Expertise- Experience:
More than 15 years in the Private sector in international companies 

Title of Intervention: How to create a new generation of low carbon entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and enablers to address the challenges posed by climate change?. Pioneers into Practice Programme. EIT Climate KIC
Pioneers into Practice is Climate-KIC’s professional mobility programme. Low Carbon Economy professionals from education, research, enterprise and administration join and put into practice their expertise to create new products and services in the field of the climate change.    During the programme you are offered two four-week placements – one regional and one international – on leading low-carbon projects with host organizations that take part in the programme. You will perform individual and group project assignments and focus on real-world challenges.

Website:   /

Ms. Antonia Morales Perez
European Chemical Industry Council – Cefic-

Area of Expertise- Experience:

Responsible for the Water and Raw Materials programs, leading the SusChem ETP (European Technology Platform of Sustainable Chemistry) contribution to the European Innovation Partnerships on Water and Raw Materials. Collaborating in the definition of the research and innovation strategy for the Chemical sector to address the challenges in water and raw materials. Leader of the “industry Expert group on barriers to Innovation” of the EIP on Water.  Member of the Ad Hoc Working Group on criticality of raw materials at EU level and in the ERECON (European Rear Earth Competency Network) initiative as member of the working group representing Industrial end-users. Coordinator of the network of SusChem National Technology Platforms.

Title of Intervention: “Chemical Industry: Advancing towards Industrial Symbiosis”
Water is a valuable resource necessary for the development of our society and economy. The industry needs water to keep its activity and growth, the chemical industry is not only a user of water to carry out its activities but also a provider of innovative solutions. Water symbiosis and delivery of ‘fit-for-purpose’ are considered as key elements to ensure and enable optimal and integrated (re)use of water not only for the chemical industry and other industries, to achieve the final goal of integration of the industrial-urban and agricultural sectors. The FP7 project E4Water presents 6 case studies developing new approaches to solve different challenges in water reuse and recycling.


Rahul Bansal, Deputy Director of Education, Climate-KIC


Area of Expertise- Experience:
Rahul Bansal (MBA, Imperial College London) is the Deputy Director of Education at Climate-KIC educating visionary global leaders to catalyse change for a prosperous, resilient and sustainable environmental and economic future. Climate-KIC is the Europe's largest public-private partnership driving innovation in the area of climate change adaptation and mitigation through integrated and creative partnerships between business, academic and public institutions. Rahul has over 10 years of experience across various industrial sectors and sub-sectors (Health, Education, Energy and Sustainability), having worked within an eco-system for early stage commercialization of business ideas. He has advised global organisation in the UK, Europe, South Asia and China for both public and private sector companies. He has been working with Imperial College London, one of world’s most dynamic centres for innovation and entrepreneurship, which has provided him an academic platform with cutting-edge research, a living entrepreneurship lab and an invaluable global network of expertise and experience.

Title of Intervention: Introduction to Climate-KIC

Mr. Samuele Ambrosetti
D’Appolonia S.p.A.

Area of Expertise- Experience:
Technology intelligence and product development

Title of Intervention:
XXL-REFRESH. A new, modular approach to the waterbag technology for freshwater transport across the sea: from product design to field validation and market

With the EU projects REFRESH and XXL-REFRESH we have demonstrated a new modular approach to the waterbag technology. The radically improved design has made it possible to overcome all issues encountered by previous waterbag attempts, providing a reliable product that can finally enable commercial exploitation of the waterbag concept. A demonstration voyage was successfully carried out on a near shore route. Full scale validation in open sea is foreseen for May 2015.


Javier Celma
Zaragoza City Council (Member of ZINNAE)

Area of expertise / experience: Integral Water Resources Management. Head of the Environmental Department of Zaragoza City Council
Title of Intervention: Water demand management in Zaragoza: lessons learnt
Zaragoza City Council has supported awareness raising campaigns for water efficiency more than twenty years. The approach of the public authority has always been the demand management, whilst supporting infrastructures renewal to reach one of the most efficient consumption rates of Spain: 104 liters/ After organizing an international exhibition linked to water, in 2010 Zaragoza city Council supported the initiative of a water cluster to promote green business and innovation in the city. 

Joaquín Murría          


Area of expertise / experience: Water engineering
Title of Intervention:  Watergy for agro industry
INGEOBRAS, with the support of the Ministry of Economics of spain, is building a water treatment plant for agro industry sewage, where the energy balance will be positive. Thus, 80% of the energy demand of the industry will be covered by the water treatment process. This technology can be applied to either industry or urban areas.

Ing, Joseph Restall


Area of expertise / experience: Energy & Utility Efficiency, Projects & Innovation
Title of Intervention: Water Conservation in the Local Hospitality Industry
The Presentation will show the technologies and results adopted in the local Hospitality Industry to minimize water consumption thereby achieving positive environmental impact and savings.  

Manuel Sapiano

Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit (SEWCU) within the Ministry for Energy and Health

Area of expertise / experience:  Water Resources Management
Title of Intervention: Innovation as a key driver for achieving sustainable use of water resources in the Maltese Islands
This presentation looks at the role of research and development in supporting the achievement of Government’s policy objectives for the water sector in the Maltese Islands.  The challenging environment experienced in the Maltese water sector impacted by both a low availability of natural water resources and a high water demand calls for the development of innovative tools to optimize the management of water resources.

Ms.  Mariela Antonakopoulou
Global Water Partnership – Mediterranean (GWP-Med)

Area of expertise / experience: Assistant Programme Officer at GWP-Med. With a background in chemical engineering and a specialization in Environmental Engineering and Water Management, Mariela joined GWP-Med in 2012 and has since then been involved in the Non Conventional Water Resources Programme in the Mediterranean.

Title of Intervention: Alter Aqua: Mobilising Non Conventional Water Resources for Local Water Security in the Maltese Islands
The Non Conventional Water Resources (Alter Aqua) Programme in Malta aims to enhance the use of NCWRs, such as rainwater harvesting, greywater and wastewater reuse, through a holistic approach including green infrastructure and educational activities. It is as a sustainable solution to address water scarcity issues in the Maltese islands. The challenges, achievements and lessons learned from the Alter Aqua’s experience in Malta since 2011 will be presented.

Mr Vincent Gauci BSc, MSc

Malta Water Association

Area of expertise / experience: Vincent Gauci is a graduate of the University of Malta as well as from the University of London.  Mr. Gauci entered the Public Service in 1968 as Water Microbiologist in connection with the World Health Organisation Project on Waste Disposal and Water Supply.    He also managed the Sant Antnin liquid and solid waste treatment plants.   He was appointed Director of the Environment Protection Department (EPD) in 1997.  He advised Government on matters related to EU Accession.   As part of the Malta Environment & Planning Authority, Mr. Gauci was responsible for waste management regulation, environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment, among others.  On his retirement from the Public Service in 2008, Mr. Gauci lectured at the University of Malta, MCAST, Water Services Corporation and Wasteserv Malta Ltd. on subjects that included water and waste management.  Mr. Gauci is one of the executive members of the Malta Water Association and a freelance environmental consultant.

Title of Intervention: Water Reuse
Water has always been a scarce commodity in Malta.  Water reuse should feature prominently in any plan that aims to overcome the water challenge.  Indeed, water reuse has been happening around us.  Technology enables us to treat wastewater to potable standard and beyond.  In so doing, however, we must be aware of a number of pitfalls.

Mr. Geoffrey Saliba
Malta Business Bureau       

Area of expertise / experience: Environmental projects manager

Title of Intervention: Case study – water savings by industry in Malta
Between 2011 and 2014 the MBB, with partners Malta Chamber and MHRA, ran the EU LIFE+ Investing in Water Project. The project identified best practice in water conservation amongst businesses and hotels in Malta, sharing it widely. By the project’s close enterprises were saving in excess of 141,000,000 lt of water per annum over baseline.

Dr. Kristof De Buysere
Independent consultant / GXG Markets A/S
Area of expertise / experience: Financing and partnering for technology-driven firms
Title of Intervention: Innovative ways to raise capital
Innovative firms need capital to cover their development and growth costs. Auto-financing via sales (potentially to early adapters) is the most interesting source of finance. Government money or money from private investors is also interesting – but scarce. I shall especially focus at crowdfunding and listing at SME stock exchange segments to raise money via equity, debt, variations to debt and equity, or early sales.

Prof. M. Iggy Litaor


Area of Interest: Agro-wastewater treatment, Agro-Watershed Management, Soil-water interaction
Area of Expertise-Experience: Agro-wastewater treatment, Biogeochemistry of wetlands, Development of proximal soil survey for precision agriculture, Phosphorous recycling in agro-watershed system

Title of Presentation: Treatment of Winery Wastewater with Aerated Cells Mobile System
Currently we are developing an integrated aerated cells system for the treatment of organic-rich wastewaters such as winery wastewaters (WW) and cowshed wastewaters. The integrated aerated cells systems was successfully tested in two consecutive vintage seasons reducing the COD level by more than 90% and P by 95%. This reduction was well below the Israeli guidelines for discharge to municipal wastewater plants. The integrated aerated cells system demonstrated that this technological solution is capable to reduce significantly the waste treatment cost of the vineyard.


Prof. Uri Marchaim, MIGAL
Head of European Desk at the Research Authority

Area of Expertise- Experience: EU PROJECTS, organic wastes, wastewater treatment, WATER

Title of Intervention: Upper-Galilee WATER Cluster
The Galilee Water-Tech cluster

As part of the WE@EU project in Israel is composed of partnership between MIGAL - Galilee Technology Centre (as a research institute), the Association of the 15 municipalities of Eastern-Galilee (as the local authority), and Peleg-Hagalil Ltd company. The main goal of the cluster is to formulate regional strategies for managing the future water supply needs of the region in cooperation with all stakeholders in the region and advance and foster the regional economic development.

Rina Shachar Intellectual Property & Fundraising

Amiad Water Systems

Area of Expertise- Experience: IP , Grants,  EU Projects & Collaborations, SME's Management

Title of Intervention: Amiad Water Systems - Access to clean water is one of the world's greatest challenges.

For over 50 years, Amiad has helped meet this need by providing outstanding filtration technology to industrial, municipal, irrigation, ballast water and O&G users around the world. Combining dedication with the expertise and vast experience of our professional teams, we have developed a comprehensive line of filtration solutions.  Amiad  filters designed for greener world -  Low Maintenance with Low Energy consumption, Small Footprint and ROI are key features in our solutions. Amiad’s headquarters and R&D center are in Israel and it has six manufacturing centers.  With nine subsidiaries in Australia, Singapore, China, India, Turkey, Europe, Brazil, Mexico and the USA, we provide filtration solutions to over 80 countries and are proud of our reputation for protecting water systems around the globe. 


Area of Expertise- Experience:
Chemist with PhD in eco-innovation and Executive MBA. Project Adviser Eco-innovation, EASME Unit 
B.2.1. H2020 Environment and Resources, European Commission

Title of Intervention: Water Innovation in H2020 Societal Challenge 5
Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 5 on climate action, environment, resource efficiency and raw materials, implemented by EASME, includes as one broad line of activity the transition towards a circular economy through eco-innovation. In this presentation it will be shared the role of EASME on Water Innovation, the experience in 2014 calls in this field, the 2015 calls planned and what's coming next. 

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