Learn about & meet investors for your Innovation 

Investment Brokerage Event in the field of Water Efficiency and Innovation

Thursday 26th March 2015

Investors from Europe, venture capitalists and fund managers will be participating to assess business proposals in water management from the local and international community. Business proposers will be coached and mentored in delivering an effective business pitch.

09:00-12:30 Investment Brokerage: Coaching and Mentoring   

Learn how to present your idea to investors, prepare your pitch. Get feedback on how to present not only your idea but indeed yourself!

Download this presentation template and gather the information needed.

Learn how to prepare and present this information.

Understand why presentation is important.

14:00-17:30 Investment Brokerage: Investment Pitch

Meet potential investors from Europe and beyond who are willing to invest in innovative ideas. 

Use what you have learnt during the coaching session to present your idea to investors

For more information about participation in this event contact us on: vicent@maltawaterweek.eu

23 - 27 March 2015

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