23 - 27 March 2015

Malta Water Week takes the heart of the Mediterranean as its starting point, using a public-private focus to generate business, collaborations and partnerships looking at innovation in water management solutions, technology and practices. Europe’s leading organisations, regions, agencies and  experts  will  converge  to  the Maltese Islands aspiring to create an open Europeanplatform for EU excellence in efficiency in urban water management.

Malta Water Week is a leading Mediterranean water event featuring a number of activities centred around innovation in water-management solutions and technology, novel financing ideas in water, expert intervention, the bringing together of international businesses and investors, and the sharing of best practices amongst all participating entities while showcasing the opportunities brought forth by current and future challenges in water.

Malta Water Week is being organised by Paragon Europe within the margins of the Water Efficiency in European Urban Areas project. The project is based on the ambition to create an open European platform for EU excellence in water efficiency in urban water management. This platform will enable the participating clusters and regions to bring together knowledge and innovation potential by collaborating and mutually learning on a trans-national basis.

What is Malta Water Week?

Participants in this leading European event will have the opportunity of joining, learning and sharing their insights in all the following events:

What will happen during the event?

Is there an opportunity for networking?

Malta Water Week is an international water event that brings together participants from the United Kingdom, Spain, Israel, France, Germany, Malta, Italy, Belgium, Hungary, Portugal, the Netherlands, Greece, North Africa and Jordan, among others.

This gives all participants and partners an international showcase of best practices in water from around the world and an opportunity for the sharing innovative solutions across a platform for excellence.  As a leading water event, Malta Water Week focuses on highlighting and generating business opportunities that meet the challenges of efficient and sustainable water management.

Here you will find technological innovations, international businesses and best practices from around the world, expert information, possibilities and opportunities for funding and for investment.

Malta Water Week is organised by Paragon Europe, a Maltese organisation with a wide range of expertise and activities, focused on providing excellence through innovation and specialised in the provision professional and quality services to both local and foreign clients.

Paragon Europe is organising this event as a partner and within the margins of the Water Efficiency in European Urban Areas (WE@EU) project.

This event is also supported by an increasing number of partners and collaborators, including:

  • Global Water Partnership-Mediterranean
  • European Business Angels Network
  • EIP-Secretariat
  • Climate-Kic
  • European Regions Research & Innovation Network
  • Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit(Malta)
  • Water Services Corporation (Malta)
  • Malta Resource Authority
  • Sustainopolis Belgium
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Air Malta
  • The Water Network TWN (Media Partners)

A full list of partners and collaborators can be found here.

Who Should Participate & How to Join?

The appeal of Malta Water Week is that the event will look into water from different perspectives, making it an opportunity for everybody to join, participate and share. 

Businesses: European and International businesses participating in Malta Water Week will find innovative solutions to their water-management challenges, both current and future. Through the B2B and B2C components of the Malta Water Week, business organisations can identify ways to save money through better water management, find opportunities that will lead them to improve their water consumption and meet prospective clients and partners through the networking events. Moreover, Malta Water Week will bring together such diverse entities (governments, regions, businesses, experts, and more) that the whole event will be ripe with opportunity.

Investors, Technology Companies, Innovative Organisations, Academics: Malta Water Week seeks to fuse together innovation, excellence and opportunity. Through the Investor Brokerage event, participants will have the opportunity to gain vital funding for their projects or alternatively to invest in the projects that will shape theirs our future in relation to water. 

Regions, Clusters, Governments, Agencies, NGOs: Water is one of the biggest challenges we face, not only across Europe but indeed internationally. The Malta Water Week concept (in line with WE@EU project) was crafted by Paragon Europe to unite in an open platform the leading players in water, water-management, innovative water technologies and experts in water. Malta Water Week will therefore provide various opportunities for participants to learn from others, to identify ideas that might work for them and to showcase their own best practices. Moreover the event will feature coaching on EU Funding and an EU Brokerage event that will guide and help participants benefit from funds and opportunities available through the European Union.


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