Wednesday 25th March 2015,  09:00 – 17:00

Smart Water Infrastructures & Innovative Water Technologies

Smart water meters, sensors, water mapping, smart irrigation systems; smart metering to regulate and check the quantity of extracted water; infrastructure to improve urban water management, including reduction of storm-water run-off,  and increase water harvesting

Water Reuse & Water Education

Awareness Raising & Stakeholder Engagement: Educational material and programmes on water resources management, nonconventional water resources; Vocational training on Water Technologies; Awareness raising campaigns; Stakeholder engagement; Water reuse- Reuse of treated Wastewater; Rainwater Harvesting and Greywater Recycling

Innovative Financial Solutions

Promoting Public-Private Partnerships (PPP’s) on water innovation: Public effort to promote water innovation via incentives, schemes and innovative financial instruments for businesses.

23 - 27 March 2015

Water: Innovation, Infrastructure, Education, Solutions

Malta Water Week Conference

At the heart of Malta Water Week, is a day long presentation featuring local and international water experts. The Malta Water Week conference will include panel discussions, presentations and Q&As, and present another optimal showcase for best practices allowing participants to learn, share and discover both opportunities and solutions. The event also lends itself perfectly to networking!

The Malta Water Week Conference will be addressing a variety of themes with a focus on best practices and innovative solutions to water challenges, highlighting examples and lessons among others and and including:


The Agenda for the conference is still being amended and refined as more and more organisations, entities, speakers and participants ask us to join Malta Water Week 2015. Currently, the agenda for the conference is as follows:

08.30    Welcome Coffee / Registration


Conference Moderator 

Richard Tuffs, Director, European Regions Research and Innovation Network

Welcome & Opening of Conference 

Anton Theuma, Director, Paragon Europe

Opening Address

Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries*


Key Note Speakers

Manuel Sapiano

Chief Technical Officer (Water),  Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit, Ministry for Energy and Health, Malta,

"Innovation as a key driver for achieving sustainable use of water resources in the Maltese Islands"

Rahul Bansal

Deputy Director of Education, Climate-KIC

Manuel Irun

Project Adviser of EASME, European Commission

10.30     Coffee break

Smart Water Infrastructures & Innovative Water Technologies


Joe Sammut 

Life Sciences Park, Malta Enterprise

Thomas Perianu, Senior Vice-President Smart Water, Suez-Environnement
Joe Restall,
Consultant, Water Conservation in the Local Hospitality Industry
Rainier Xuereb,
Water Services Corporation, Malta
Joaquín Murría,
Water Engineer, INGEOBRAS Ltd, Watergy for the agro-industry
Iggy Litaor,
Hydrogeochemistry Laboratory-Head, MIGAL, Galilee Research Centre 
Samuele Ambrosetti
, R&D Manager, D'Appolonia S.p.A

Laurent Sohier, Helio Pur Technologies, New solutions for industrial, domestic and agriculture wastewater treatment and reuse


12.45     Lunch

Water Reuse & Water Education


Joseph Buhagiar, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Malta; Director, Argotti Botanic Gardens

Gábor Baranyai, Ministerial Commissioner in environmental law and policy issues at Ministry of Justice, Hungary 
(Water Education: How to put water in people’s minds)

José-Luis Muñoz-Bonet, PiP Programme Lead & Valencian Region RIC Co-Director,Climate-KIC
(How to create a new generation of low carbon entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and enablers to address the challenges posed by climate change?)

Antonia Morales, Innovation Manager, The European Chemical Industry Council
(Chemical Industry: Advancing towards Industrial Symbiosis)

Vincent Gauci, Malta Water Association,

(Water Reuse)

Juan Jose Bonello & Edwin Zammit, Institute of Applied Science, Malta College of Arts, Science & Technology

Javier Celma, Environmental Department, Zaragoza City Council, Water demand management in Zaragoza: lessons learnt

(Water demand management in Zaragoza: lessons learnt)

Mariela Antonakopoulou, GWP-Med Alter Aqua Project, Alter Aqua: Mobilising Non Conventional Water Resources

for Local Water Security in the Maltese Islands

(Alter Aqua: Mobilising Non- Conventional Water Resources for Local Water Security in the Maltese Islands)

Glenn Bugeja, HSBC, Catch the Drop Campaign

(Catch the Drop Campaign)


15.45      Coffee Break

Innovative Financial Solutions in Water


Anton Theuma, Director, Paragon Europe


Richard Tuffs, Director, ERRIN
Kristof de Bruysere, Consultant, GXG Markets A/S, Innovative Ways to Raise Capital
Paolo Casalino, Head of Brussels Representation Office, Regione Puglia
Csaba Harsány, Hungarian Development Bank

Anthony Sammut, Malta Resources Authority, Regulation of Water Services in Malta
Geoffrey Saliba, Projects Development Manager, Malta Business Bureau, Case study – water savings by industry in Malta
Brigitte Tanti, Coordinating Manager, EU Centralised Initiatives, Malta Enterprise


17.30      Closing of Conference

NB: Times Subject to Change

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Researchers, PhD students, educators, policy makers, NGOs, public and private stakeholders, engineers, business organisations, regions and entities with a direct or indirect interest in water, water-management and water solutions are encouraged to register now! 

For more information regarding participation in the conference please contact:

**Due to the high participation interest, please note that the above agenda is being amended continuously. We urge you to keep referring to this page for the latest details and information.

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